• Counterpath at City Park Jazz, Summer Sundays, 2016

    Counterpath at City Park Jazz, Summer Sundays, 2016

    Counterpath is excited to host a small exhibition space at City Park Jazz, Sundays through the summer in 2016. The Counterpath canopy tent will feature a different installation and/or performance piece each week. We’ll also feature a brand new short Counterpath […]

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  • Position Paper: New and Selected PoemsCarol Snow

    Position Paper: New and Selected Poems
    Carol Snow

      In Position Paper, Carol Snow’s project of noting the world in relation comes fully assembled. This New and Selected Poems gathers work from Artist and Model, “a first book of singular poetic intelligence and attention” (Michael Palmer), to what Brian Teare called the “compassionately witty” karesansui—collages citing […]

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  • AlkaliCraig Dworkin

    Craig Dworkin

      Alkali collects six works, including two desert pastorals describing the sonic and luminescent landscape surrounding the Great Salt Lake, two minimalist geometrical exercises exhausting the typographic limits of two particular oulippean constraints, a restaging of Clark Coolidge’s The Crystal […]

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  • Early LinoleumBrenda Iijima

    Early Linoleum
    Brenda Iijima

      In a neural rush, Early Linoleum engages the propulsive flow of contemporaneous valences—psycho-geography meets in the force-field of biopolitical conditions. Poet activists congregate on the steps of the New York Public Library, there’s art beneath the dirt, rock outcroppings […]

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  • BerlinAleš Šteger

    Aleš Šteger

        Berlin is a lyrical account of the city as well as a book of discoveries, allusions, and traces, an homage to great literary figures who have lived in Berlin. 31 prose miniatures are combined with 21 black-and-white photos […]

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  • The Manuscript AverageJesse Hurlbut

    The Manuscript Average
    Jesse Hurlbut

        Untold numbers of scans of book pages are available in digital repositories. But without the physical presence of a book, is there a way to take in some aspect of it all at once? Both an artist’s book and an […]

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  • Farther TravelerRonaldo Wilson

    Farther Traveler
    Ronaldo Wilson

      “There’s a Fanonian trumpet Fanon couldn’t imagine, a dance all his own he could neither own nor step to, Ronaldo V. Wilson’s otherwise inconceivable graph, whose beauty and power reaches new depths and new heights in Farther Traveler, an erotic […]

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  • Angels of the Americlypse: An Anthology of New Latin@ WritingEdited by Carmen Giménez Smith and John Chávez

    Angels of the Americlypse: An Anthology of New Latin@ Writing
    Edited by Carmen Giménez Smith and John Chávez

        Angels of the Americlypse Study Guide, Free PDF “Exhilarating, daring, breathtaking. These words are not hyperbolic. This book is a head-rush! Language-mixing, genre-mixing, rhythm-dazzling. From Rosa Alcalà to a poet whose work she’s translated, Cecilia Vicuña, these Angels […]

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