Counterpath is a publisher, exhibition space, and bookstore. As a publisher, Counterpath was founded in 2006 and has published over 60 titles to date. Its exhibition space, opened in late 2010 at 613 22nd St. in Denver, Colorado, and since mid 2015 located at 7935 East 14th Avenue in Denver has hosted over 200 events. Its bookstore, part of the event space, carries titles published by small and independent presses.

Counterpath facilitates interventions in contemporary global culture and promotes new conceptions of compelling work of all kinds. It actively searches out writers and artists who are under-represented in such venues or media outlets.

Support for Counterpath, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, comes from grant funding from public and private sources, individual donations, the sale of its publications, and the operation of its bookstore.

“What makes possible the living community of the generations who live in and construct the city, who are permanently exposed to the stress of even projecting a city to be de- or re-constructed, is the paradoxical renunciation of the absolute tower, of the total city which reaches the sky: it is the acceptance of what a logician would perhaps call the axiom of incompleteness. A city is a set which must remain indefinitely and structurally non-saturable, open to its own transformation, to the augmentations which alter and displace as little as possible the memory of its patrimony. A city must remain open to what it knows about what it doesn’t yet know about what it will be.” —Jacques Derrida, Counterpath (Stanford UP, 2004)

Tim Roberts

Associate Director and Co-Founder
Julie Carr

Board of Directors
Lyn Hejinian
Helen Tartar (in memoriam)
John-Michael Rivera
Julie Carr
Tim Roberts

Advisory Board
Craig Dworkin
Tan Lin
Joan Retallack