Angels of the Americlypse: An Anthology of New Latin@ Writing
Edited by Carmen Giménez Smith and John Chávez



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“Exhilarating, daring, breathtaking. These words are not hyperbolic. This book is a head-rush! Language-mixing, genre-mixing, rhythm-dazzling. From Rosa Alcalà to a poet whose work she’s translated, Cecilia Vicuña, these Angels of the Americlypse (the phrase is tweaked from Rodrigo Toscano, another such angel) show us how gloriously they can dance on the head of a pin, a pin called AmeRíca, a pin called high-dentity, un-dentity and you-dentity, how gloriously and capaciously they sing, how variously.”  —Maria Damon

“So often anthologies are strategic weapons used to enforce borders and uphold indefensible psychic and national sovereignties. The Angels of the Americlypse that are here so beautifully collected and dispersed, call for and call out the end of all that. The frontier between lysis and lyric, between social theory and social dance, is constantly, lovingly, violated. So much of the ground and flood and breath of hemispheric experiment is disclosed in this writing that it is to be celebrated, studied, sung, enacted, acted out in groups!”  —Fred Moten

“A literary meeting place, a bodega for the thirsty reader, Angels of the Americlypse activates the topologies of place, language, and ethnicity in ways that remind one that modernity can begin again in altered form because it is perhaps not essentially historical in nature but, rather, theoretical and performative. Collectivity becomes collectible in this rhapsody of minds and voices.” —Daniel Tiffany

The contemporary literary moment the anthology Angels of the Americlypse: New Latin@ Writing attempts to capture is one defined by diversity, various points of view, literary styles and voices, topical concerns, and senses of self. Not only have these writers widened the field, they have forged new inquiry into their own experiences of the world, as they live in it and understand it. Writing in forms of lyric, short short fiction, nonfictional prose, and in various degrees and forms of experimentation, this collection represents one of the first efforts, in years, to include a critical introduction to the writers’ poetry or prose, their literary work, and their own aesthetic statements meant to express their distinct literary presence in American letters.

Featured in Poetry magazine, May 2014

Review by Candice Amich at Waxwing Literary Journal

Angels of the Americlypse: New Latin@ Writing
Edited by Carmen Giménez Smith and John Chávez
June 2014
$45.00; 352 pages
ISBN 978-1933996-39-4