Blair Sagan: A Counter Residency

Counterpath is excited to welcome Blair Sagan of Office of BS for a two week residency starting Friday, September 25th and going to Friday, October 9. 

Blair will work on an installation to revive the main Counterpath signage facing 14th Avenue. The project will preserve, reclaim, and archive the current sign for “DMT Auto Repair and Detail” as well as act as a marriage between a movie marquis and a blank canvas for future installations. The new sign will publicize Counterpath’s food bank and free bookstore and facilitate a rotation of local art. 

Blair will be planning a socially-distanced gathering and art opening that will take place at Counterpath on Friday, October 9th, at 6pm. The event will include work from other artists, cultural workers, and community activists. Join us as we follow along with Blair’s residency and welcome them to the venue!

Office of BS began as the independent design studio of Blair Stapp. After years of client work, the studio developed its own brand to create space and visibility for the LGBTQ+ and activist communities. A nonbinary designer, Blair was tired of seeing their femme friends go invisible and their transgender friends go misrepresented or misgendered. As members of the LGBTQ+ community are actively creating their own narratives, Office of BS exists to celebrate that unapologetically. Office of BS hopes to help bring about an intersectional future by bringing BS to light in the present. Through the efforts of cultivating an engaged community in the current moment, the brand aspires to play a small part in the dream of collective liberation. If it’s queer, irreverent, metaphysical, plant-based, or grassroots, they’re probably about it.