Brando, My Solitude
Arno Bertina

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“As I was becoming a teenager, that is to say a serious person, he was becoming an eccentric, at 70, an inconsistent and flighty person. We missed each other.”

In this tale, conceived as a biographical hypothesis, the author and his great uncle meet posthumously. The resultant exploration of an existence played quietly out across the 20th century, through provincial French childhood, war, colonization and provincial French retirement, comes to us as a composite—some remembered, some researched, some wholly imagined—of careful, longing glances.

Arno Bertina is the author of Le dehors ou la migration des truites (Actes Sud, 2001), Appoggio (Actes Sud, 2003), Anima motrix (Vertical, 2006), and Je suis une aventure (Vertical, 2012). He is also a member of the collective editorial board of the journal Inculte.

Brando, My Solitude: A Biographical Hypothesis
February 15, 2013
Arno Bertina
Translated by Anne-Laure Tissut and Laird Hunt
$14.00; 5.5 x 8;
112 pgs.
ISBN 978-1-933996-35-6