Rachel Zucker



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MOTHERs is extremely uncomfortable in all the right ways and beautiful and painful—a brilliant weave of people and poems, a tangle of ambition, aspiration, care, and ambivalence. Zucker’s mapping of feeling and writing throughout is extraordinarily acute—remarkable.” —Maureen McLane

“Rachel Zucker writes about an impossible subject with impressive clarity, lightness, accuracy, and beauty. This riveting book’s hugest accomplishment is to approach the experience of mothering—being a mother, having a mother—without sentimentality, and with a fearless, investigative candor. Zucker’s profound insights into relational complexities prove her to be the world’s most sharp-eyed archivist of messy feelings and spoiled situations.” —Wayne Koestenbaum

MOTHERs is a howling storm of a book. In this desperately digressive essay, the poet Rachel Zucker narrates her complicated path to becoming and not becoming her mother, the storyteller Diane Wolkstein. Zucker turns her intelligent eye outward and inward, including everything she knows about mothers, stories, poems, and consequence itself. In mythic terms, the essay is about a poet who doesn’t want to turn into a storyteller. But as in all myths of avoidance, Zucker must eventually tell a terrifyingly inevitable story.” —Sarah Manguso
From a review by Rob McLennan: “MOTHERs is a book that explores the entire foundation of Zucker’s writing and writing life.”

Rachel Zucker is the author of seven books, most recently, Home/Birth: a poemic (co-written with Arielle Greenberg) and Museum of Accidents. She lives in New York with her husband and their three sons. Currently she teaches at New York University.

December 15, 2013
Rachel Zucker
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