Complimentary Scenes from The Cake Part

Complimentary scenes from The Cake Part by Felix Bernstein, with Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee
The Cake Part is a fantastic redeployment of banned pamphlets from the time of the French Revolution in the form of a book-length poem. Long kept hidden because of their transgressive content, these pamphlets were stored in a secret archive at the Bibilothèque nationale called the enfer (hell). Highly pornographic and formally promiscuous, The Cake Part is an eruption of all the repressed joy and terror of that 18th century revolution, back into our time, into the 21st century.
In a consideration of how best to launch the book, Doris and Matthew Stadler decided to use the revolutionary potential of the internet and ask varied and friendly poets to participate in an online book launch for The Cake Part. Doris says she is interested in how “online presence is central to the structure of revolutions today, and how in a sense it was in the French Revolution as well, where zines and other networks were key for circulating information and propaganda.”

Discourse on The Guillotime by Felix Bernstein, with Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee
“A family effort to bring to life the scrambling of pathos, propaganda, historical narrative, and song in Doris’ (anti)dramatic retelling of the Widow Capet saga.”
Felix Bernstein is studying film at Bard College. His videos can be seen here.

The Little Journal of the Royal Palace, (No. 6, Year ll)