As with all failing systems, interdependence is a blessing and a curse. The accoutrements of a body and their associations with people, places, and time are inextricable from each other. Concomitants, if you will. Concomitance began as documentary and aimed to catalogue the infinitesimal yet burdensome acts of labor behind routine grooming, to examine the daily self reform implied by cosmetics and clothing. Because self maintenance eats up time, the book chews through memory with digressive narratives and swallows the present with real-time thought progressions. Dressing and the tedium of hygiene serve to put us more substantively in a time and place. I remember events by what I was wearing. I look at a tube of lip gloss and think of someone I wanted to kiss.

Monica McClure is the author of the poetry collection Tender Data (Birds, LLC) and the chapbooks Mood Swing (Snacks Press), Mala (Poor Claudia), and Boss Part 1 (If A Leaf Falls Press). Her work has been featured in Tin House, Jubilat, Fence, The Huffington Post, Flavorwire, NPR, The Hairpin, Poetry Foundation, The Los Angeles Review, The Lit Review, The Awl,  and elsewhere.

This book will launch at the Counterpath tent at City Park Jazz on Sunday, July 31, 2016, from 5-8 p.m, in conjunction with a farmer’s market with produce from the Counterpath garden.

Part of the City Park Jazz Series 2016


August 2016
Monica McClure
$15.00; 5.5″ x 8.5″
40 pgs.