On Friday, March 8 at 6:30 p.m. at Mobius (55 Norfolk St. Cambridge, MA) there was a Counterpath Off-Site Reading during the Associations of Writers and Writing Programs conference in Boston. Readers included Andrew Zawacki, Christine Wertheim, Ronaldo Wilson, Rodrigo Toscano, Jonathan Stalling, Christopher Stackhouse, Christine Hume, Joanna Howard, Laird Hunt, and Brenda Ijima. Please see below for videos of the event.

Rodrigo Toscano

Ronaldo Wilson

Christopher Stackhouse

Christine Hume

Brenda Ijima

Andrew Zawacki

Jonathan Stalling


Marfa Book Company

Marfa Book Company

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Partner: Hangar Bar

Partner: Hangar Bar

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From Romance to Ritual (1985)