Reading Friday, October 7 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Hosted by Oren Silverman and Seth Landman.

Kelly Dulaney is an MFA candidate at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Her
fiction has featured in Titmouse, Caketrain, Abjective, elsewhere.

Logan Burns is from Baltimore. His poems have been published in Conjunctions,
Web Conjuctions and Barrow Street. He divides his time between Dwight Yoakam
and Paprika Steen.

Francesca Chabrier is the interviews editor for jubilat. Her chapbook, The
Axioms, is forthcoming from Pilot Books. She lives and writes in Massachusetts.

Brian Kiteley is the author of three novels, Still Life with Insects, I Know Many
Songs, but I Cannot Sing, and The River Gods, as well as two books of fiction
exercises, The 3 AM Epiphany and The 4 AM Breakthrough.



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Digital Writing

Jason Nelson
Sydney’s Siberia

Video Poetics

Joel Schlemowitz, text by Wanda Phipps
morning poem #43