Adjacent to Counterpath’s main space is Counterpath Community Garden. We welcome volunteers throughout the season and anyone who does any work is encouraged to share in the harvest. Gardeners meet on most Saturdays and other times throughout the week during the non-winter months. Please write to for details and to join the mailing list of weekly updates on all things gardening.

Last season, Counterpath Community Garden donated over 20 grocery bags of produce to local food kitchens that help those in need. Right now we have a regular donation arranged for each Monday at 10 a.m. to:

Greater Park Hill Community
Pantry #: 6123
2823 Fairfax St
Denver, CO 80207

If you have a garden of your own and have excess produce, please feel free to drop your produce off here—7935 East 14th Avenue in Denver—to add to the donation. We have a donation bin/cooler set up each Sunday evening and Monday morning through September.






This food goes directly to Greater Park Hill Community free farmer’s market, which takes place each Monday from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

2017 schedule of donated food (thank you everyone!):

June 26, 2 grocery bags full of produce

July 3, 4 grocery bags

July 10, 5 grocery bags

July 17, 5 grocery bags

July 24, 5 grocery bags

July 31, 4 grocery bags

August 7, 5 grocery bags

August 14, 4 grocery bags

August 21, 5 grocery bags

August 28, 12 grocery bags