How to Build a Lie
Jamie Allen




How to Build a Lie experiments with “artistic research practice” that tries to escape disciplinary boundaries and look to as many aspects of a single technology, media, or topic as it can. This extra-disciplinary practice, as Brian Holmes and others have intimated, intersects with media and technology to direct artistic work toward institutional critique without aesthetic distance. How to Build a Lie is gonzo media studies that engages directly, physically, and operationally with the technological structures that frame our lives. What would it be to do research, but include the material engagements and framings of media, as a kind of hands-on technical inquiry?

The text of this book was presented as a lecture on May 16, 2016, as part of Jamie Allen’s exhibit “How to Build a Lie: Apocryphal Technologies & Works” at the Dateline gallery in Denver, and is supported by the Media Archaeology Lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Born in Canada, and working between New York, the UK, Copenhagen and Basel, Jamie Allen has been involved with emerging technologies as a designer, researcher, artist, and teacher for over 12 years. He likes to make things with his head and hands – investigations into the material systems of media, electricity, and information. His work has been exhibited internationally, from Eyebeam in NYC, to the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool, to SIGGRAPH Asia in Yokohama, Japan. Allen was awarded his PhD under the supervision of Siegfried Zielinski and Avital Ronell in 2015.





Part of the City Park Jazz Series 2016

This book will launch at the Counterpath tent at City Park Jazz on Sunday, July 17, 2016, from 5-8 p.m, in conjunction with an exhibit of material from the Media Archaeology Lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

How to Build a Lie
July 2016
Jamie Allen
$15.00; 5.5″ x 8.5″
40 pgs.