Mopus: A Novel by Oisín Curran
Introduction by Steve Katz


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An astounding debut novel, written with courage, innovation, wisdom, style. Oisîn Curran leads us onto a topology of narrative surfaces that appear and disappear seamlessly: subway terrorists in an urban density, a bucolic meadow and stream, postapocalyptic devastation, a ninth century abbey, forty-fifth century conspiracies. The narrative here allows one to enter the creative guts of storytelling, to experience it as a living force. Curran is like Beckett, Woolf, Joyce, Barnes, Bernhard, Celine, Faulkner, in whose work powerful prose excavates the ground of narrative itself, and exposes the sources and necessity of storytelling.

Oisín Curran grew up in Maine. He lives with his wife in Montreal.

Eugene Lim on Curran’s Mopus: A Novel

Mopus: A Novel
Oisín Curran
Introduction by Steve Katz
$25.00; 160 pages
ISBN 978-1933996-04-2