Friday, February 1, 2013. 7 p.m. Lori Emerson gave a talk entitled “Open and Extensible to Insanely Great; or, What it Could Have Been Like to Use Your Computer,” which uncovers the cultural and technological shift that made way for contemporary digital interfaces (especially the iPhone/iPad multitouch interface) that are closed off to creative experimentation.

Lori Emerson is an assistant professor at University of Colorado Boulder. She received her BA from the University of Alberta, an MA from the University of Victoria, and an MA and PhD from the poetics program at the University of Buffalo. She writes on and teaches electronic literature (especially digital poetry), experimental American and Canadian poetry from the 20th and 21st century, and media theory. In addition to curating the Archeological Media Lab, Emerson is currently working on two book projects. The first is “The End of the Poem: Digital Textuality and the Poetics of Failure” and the second is “The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media and Textuality,” co-edited with Marie-Laure Ryan and Benjamin Robertson. Finally, she is also an Associate Editor for the Electronic Book Review.