Philippe Moore: “S.E.T.H.,” April 5, 2014

On Saturday, April 5, at 7 p.m. Counterpath hosted digital artist Philippe Moore, who, in his sensor-embedded exo-suit discovered his environment as a survivor of a potential techno-pocalypse. Saturday evening also featured a discussion with artist Isabelle Hayeur and curator Jacquelyn Connolly.

Philippe Moore’s work ranges from data visualization to physical computing, but, regardless of the medium, Moore focuses on the juncture between human and technological perception, memory, and action. Fulfilling the requirements for his thesis in Emergent Digital Practices, this performance takes place within an exo-suit designed to exaggerate and distort his ability to act on and perceive the world around him. By couching a discussion on what it means to be human within cultural folklore, semi- and para-human form, and sensing technology, Moore will spur a dialog questioning our perceiving technologies in the contemporary age. Follow Moore as he discovers the world around him through a symbiotic relationship with his sensor-embedded exo-suit.

(Photo: Detail of Moore’s exo-suit)