Rosa Luxemburg’s Revolutionary Humanism: A Talk with Peter Hudis: March 21, 2014

Part 1

On Friday, March 21, Counterpath welcomed Peter Hudis for a talk on Rosa Luxemburg.

Part 2:

Rosa Luxemburg (1870-1919) is widely considered one of the most creative figures of European radicalism, thanks to her theory of spontaneity and revolutionary democracy, her penetrating analyses of the globalization of capital, and her vibrant personality. This talk revisited the significance of her ideas in light of recently-discovered writings of hers that are now appearing in the English-language Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg.

Peter Hudis is Professor of Humanities and Philosophy at Oakton Community College. He has written widely on social theory, Hegelian philosophy, and Marxism. He is author of Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism (Haymarket, 2013) and general editor of The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg (Verso Books).