Sound: Kory Reeder / Ryan Seward / Andrew Weathers & Carl Ritger, Sunday, August 20, 2023, 7pm

Join us on Sunday, August 20, 2023, at 7pm at Counterpath (7935 East 14th Ave. in Denver) for an evening of improvised sound with a trio performance by Kory Reeder (double bass), Ryan Seward (psaltery), and Andrew Weathers (lap steel guitar); and a solo performance by Carl Ritger (electronics). Free and open to the public.

Kory Reeder

Kory Reeder is an American composer and performer whose music is often introspective and atmospheric, investigating ideas of objectivity, place, immediacy, situation, and interaction with pieces ranging from symphonic works to text scores and computer-assisted improvisations.

With a catalog of over 100 programmed works, his music has been released on Edition Wandelweiser Records, where one may also find scores of his work, as well as Petrichor Records, Sawyer Editions, Sawyer Spaces, Impulsive Habitat, and Another Timbre, with upcoming releases planned for 2023 on Full Spectrum Records and a few releases in the works for 2024.

Kory runs/operates Sawyer Editions, a small-batch label specializing in contemporary, experimental, and improvised music, especially of new and unreleased artists and the Sawyer Spaces imprint focusing on field recordings and soundscape composition.

Ryan Seward

Ryan Seward is a musician, composer, and artist living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His work is situated within and across a number of forms, including composition, improvisation, installation, performance, phonography, photography, sculpture, and videography.

Andrew Weathers

Andrew Weathers is a composer and improviser based in the Llano Estacado region of northwestern Texas. His work is equally concerned with the disjunction of duration and place, as well as improvisation’s prospect as a vessel of discovery and collective practice. His projects and performances span the idioms of field recording, prepared guitar, surrealist soundscape, and minimalist composition rooted in repetition and drone. Apart from his longtime commitment to collaboration alongside a wide swath of figures inhabiting the sonic underground, Weathers is founder and operator of Full Spectrum Records, which has continued to release the works of sundry sound artists and experimental musicians since its inception in 2008 in his home state of North Carolina. On top of frequent credits as a mixing and mastering engineer, he has also produced various projects for Other Minds Records and Rural Situationism.

Carl Ritger

Carl Ritger [FKA Radere] is a composer and sound artist hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently living and working on Colorado’s Front Range, his work composites acoustic sound sources, electronics, and location recordings into densely textured sonic environments.