Stephanie Strickland & Eric Baus: April 11, 2014

On Friday, April 11, 2014 at 7 p.m. Counterpath hosted poets Stephanie Strickland and Eric Baus.

Stephanie Strickland read from her new book, Dragon Logic, which takes on Richard Feynman’s challenge to speak in terms of current science and explores Celan’s promise that there are “songs to sing beyond / the human”; she also read from the just published SpringGun edition, V : WaveTercets / Losing L’una, and its accompanying iPad app.

Eric Baus presented a talk, “Listening to Digital Archives: Poetics and Recorded Sound,” and play several brief recordings drawn from various digital archives and talk about what can be learned from paying attention to often overlooked aspects of the recording environment. He will discuss the wealth of informal criticism contained in brief comments between poems at live readings.

Stephanie Strickland’s 7th book of poems, Dragon Logic, was published by Ahsahta in 2013. Her prizewinning volumes include True North and The Red Virgin: A Poem of Simone Weil. She has also collaborated on 9 electronic poems, most recently Sea and Spar Between and Duels—Duets with Nick Montfort and House of Trust with Ian Hatcher. Her prize-winning volume from Penguin, V : WaveSon.nets / Losing L’una, has just appeared in a new edition from SpringGun with accompanying app for iPad. A member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Literature Organization, she co-edited Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1. For more information on her work, go to

Eric Baus is the author of The Tranquilized Tongue (City Lights), Scared Text (Center for Literary Publishing), Tuned Droves (Octopus Books), and The To Sound (Wave Books). He has also written about poetry audio files in his Notes on Pennsound commentary column in Jacket2.