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  • Autobiography/OughtabiographyAnthony Hawley

    Anthony Hawley

      Through two series of poems, Autobiography/ Oughtabiography explores tensions between memory, erasure, writing, and the self. The title sequence tracks a speaking voice as it works through shards of its past, questioning and, at times, undermining the autobiographical act, […]

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  • sexoPUROsexoVELOZ // Septiembre Dolores Dorantes

    sexoPUROsexoVELOZ // Septiembre
    Dolores Dorantes

    sexoPUROsexoVELOZ and Septiembre are books two and three of Mexican poet Dolores Dorantes’ lifelong project titled Dolores Dorantes. These works consist of fragmented interlocking sequences of poems that create a scaffolding to frame Dorantes’ vivid explorations of the intensely personal […]

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  • Mopus: A Novel  by Oisín CurranIntroduction by Steve Katz

    Mopus: A Novel by Oisín Curran
    Introduction by Steve Katz

    An astounding debut novel, written with courage, innovation, wisdom, style. Oisîn Curran leads us onto a topology of narrative surfaces that appear and disappear seamlessly: subway terrorists in an urban density, a bucolic meadow and stream, postapocalyptic devastation, a ninth […]

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  • Air and Memory Franco Loi

    Air and Memory
    Franco Loi

    After World War II dialect poetry became widespread in Italy, with the Milanese poet Franco Loi being one of its most prominent practitioners. In the 1970s, a leading critic called Loi “the most powerful poetic personality of recent years,” and […]

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  • The Cry at Zero Andrew Joron

    The Cry at Zero
    Andrew Joron

    Here Andrew Joron ranges through literature, science, and philosophy as he maps a poetics that confronts postmodern skepticism and begins from the premise that poets are “chained to the impossible,” that the poetic “cry” exceeds specific social crises. Joron proposes […]

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  • The Stripping Point Brian Henry

    The Stripping Point
    Brian Henry

    In The Stripping Point Brian Henry moves through extremes of formal invention and referentiality in two poetic series immersed in the lust and language of the everyday. Set at a paper mill in the 1990s, “More Dangerous Than Dying” charts […]

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  • Daily Sonnets Laynie Browne

    Daily Sonnets
    Laynie Browne

    In Daily Sonnets Laynie Browne charts new territory as she subtly investigates the daily influxes of the poetic moment. From longing for the family in the very midst of the family, to the play of the mind which mimics and shepherds […]

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