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In The Book of Me, Christine Wertheim continues her feral dismantling of text and image as she creates what Donna Haraway has described as “multispecies poetry, a tuning fork for the indexical and iconic in language and politics.” Also included is a cultural-poetic manifesto that situates Wertheim’s work within a critique of capitalist lyric.

Christine Wertheim’s books include two poetic suits, mUtter-bAbel (Counterpath), and +|’me’S-pace (Les Figues Press), three edited literary anthologies Feminaissance, The n/Oulipean Analects, and Séance, the last two with Matias Viegener, and Crochet Coral Reef, with Margaret Wertheim, about their decade-long art-science-feminist-community project with the Institute For Figuring. She has received grants from the Annenberg and Orphiflamme Foundations, and teaches at the California Institute of the Arts.

Part of the City Park Jazz Series 2016

This book will launch at the Counterpath tent at City Park Jazz on Sunday, July 3, 2016, from 5-8 p.m, in conjunction with CAConrad’s reading of the Dakini Oracle Tarot at the Counterpath tent.



The Book of Me
July 2016
Christine Wertheim
$15.00; 5.5″ x 8.5″
48 pgs.