The Field is Lethal
Suzanne Doppelt


The supernatural, ventriloquism, table-turning, magic carpets, ghosts, The Field is Lethal is immersed in a late nineteeth-century spiritualism . Borrowing freely from folklore and anecdote, Doppelt mixes oblique references, catching us in the sound and play of language as much as of ideas. Well-known as a photographer, Doppelt juxtaposes her text with delicate, eerie images. As Avital Ronell writes in her Postface for the book, we appreciate here “her manner, her astonishing modalities, the precision of her cuts.”

Suzanne Doppelt, a well-known French photographer, has collaborated with various other artists and writers, including Georges Aperghis, Ryoko Sekiguchi, and Anne Portugal. Director of the “Cabinet of Curiosities” series for the Parisian publisher Bayard and poetry editor for the cultural reviewVacarme, she has held residencies with Inventaire-Invention, the Fond?ation Royaumont, and various other cultural institutions, and her photography has been in solo and group shows at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Le Centre Culturel of Bastia, L’Institut Français of Naples, Le Pavillon des Arts, L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Nîmes,  New York University, the Cabinet d’Art Graphique of the Louvre, and the Galerie Martine Aboucaya in Paris

Cole Swensen is the author of over twelve volumes of poetry and eleven of translation, including Juliology by Nicolas Pesquès (Counterpath Press, 2008). Her translation of Jean Frémon’s Ile des morts won the 2004 PEN USA Award in translation. She teaches at the Iowa Writers Workshop.

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The Field is Lethal
Suzanne Doppelt
Translated by Cole Swensen
Postface by Avital Ronell
$14.95, 80 pgs.
ISBN 978-1933996-20-2