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Untold numbers of scans of book pages are available in digital repositories. But without the physical presence of a book, is there a way to take in some aspect of it all at once? Both an artist’s book and an inquiry into medieval printing, design, and typography, in The Manuscript Average Jesse Hurlbut overlays scans of medieval manuscript pages to explore new modes of how we comprehend what a book is, its potential, and the mysteries of printed words.

Jesse Hurlbut is an Associate Professor of French at Brigham Young University. A widely published scholar on various aspects of medieval French drama and performance, his minute digital explorations of illuminated manuscripts have opened new ways of examining, cataloging, and appreciating the “book” as an idea. The DScriptorium, a collection of Medieval manuscripts gathered by Hurlbut and posted online, aims to meet the needs and interests of students and scholars working in palaeography, codicology and miniature studies by providing clear images of medieval manuscripts. Online since 1993.

The Manuscript Average
January 2015
Full color throughout
Jesse Hurlbut