The Trap

The Trap is back and please get in touch!

The Trap is Counterpath’s trapezoidal border area that features ongoing interventions into the outdoor space at the edge of Counterpath and 14th Avenue. The space is 15 feet on the east and west side, 28 feet on the north (Counterpath) side, and 40 feet on the south (street) side.

There is an open call for work to appear in The Trap and please consider sending a proposal. Information here.

July 13, 2017. Installation of “Season Carnadine” by Tim Roberts. Seven Toys R Us and WalMart plastic kiddie pools filled with Kool-Aid.

May 28, 2017.¬†Installation of “Caution / Empire / Cuidado” by Tim Roberts. Home Depot “Caution” tape strung between on-site iron railings.

May 27, 2017. The Trap area is cleared of all brush and prepped as a sculpture garden by a team of boy scouts led by Charlie Merrihew. Images and video of the day-long event posted here.