The Unseen Festival 2018: Locale Feature

T H E  U N S E E N  F E S T I V A L 2018

Part of the Unseen Festival 2018 is a feature of a different local business each night the festival takes place at Counterpath. There may be a simple display devoted to the business, a product sample, or a representative at Counterpath. Dates and businesses are as follows:

August 17: Hangar Bar

September 1: Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant

September 2: Montclair Animal Clinic

September 3: Trailer World

September 4: Quince Essential Coffee House

September 5: Ranch House Cafe

September 6: El Tamarindo Restaurante Centroamericano

September 8: Shepes Sports Bar & Grill

September 12: TacoMex

September 13: Kids’ Dental

September 14: StreetFrat

September 15: House of Purpose

September 16: Carniceria

September 17: Karen Asian Market

September 19: Global Grocery Mart

September 20: Tacos Acapulco

September 21: Family Asia Market

September 22: 7 Leguas Mexican Grille

September 27: MyRights Immigration

September 29: El Chalate Salvadorian & Mexican Restaurant

September 30: Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant