T H E  U N S E E N  F E S T I V A L  2018

Violence Is to Charge 600 Euros

Join us on Tuesday, September 18, 7:30pm, at Gildar Gallery (82 South Broadway in Denver) for night 18 of the Unseen Festival. We will screen work by David de Rozas and Elena Friedrich.

GiveDavid de Rozas – USA – 2018 – 17 min

Give explores Roland Gordon’s motivations to create a monumental visual archive displaying centuries of black agency and achievements in the United States and beyond. Comprised of thousands of photographic portraits, newspapers, and magazines cutouts, Roland’s collage ‘The Cloud of Witnesses’, presents an alternative visual history to empower the black community. The film explores collective representations of history, memory, and culture; where pasts, presents, and futures are molded by the blending of imagination, facts, and love.

Born in Southern Europe, David de Rozas is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice expands through filmmaking, education, and cultural production.  His interests relate to the politics of history and memory, and identity through a range of mediums and formats. David earned an MFA in Cinema at the San Francisco State University, and BA in Fine Arts from the Complutense University in Madrid. His projects have been recently screened at Visions du Reel, True/False, Sheffield Doc/Fest, AFI Docs, UCLA, FLEXfest, WUFF, or Artists’ Television Access among others. He is currently lecturer at SFSU School of Cinema.

Violence Is to Charge 600 Euros – Public Land IElena Friedrich – Germany/Spain/Greece/Turkey – 2017 – 28 min

By the means of a collection of tags and slogans written on the walls in Athens, Madrid and Istanbul, the political struggles between 2011 and 2015 are reconstructed in the manner of a landscape film. The montage operates with the simultaneity and asynchronism of the events that happened there. Meanwhile a voice in off tries to generate a narration by reading and translating the writings on the walls. – The form is always, also, political. Every image is only as innocent as its context of reception. But which kind of public – and public sphere – which kind of images, language and narrations do we use and inhabit in order to want to change the world around us? – The film is the first part of a series, which works around these questions.

Violence Is to Charge 600 Euros – Public Land IIElena Friedrich – Germany/Spain/Greece – 2017 – 28 min

A grumpy man fully loads his car with oranges and starts his journey from the city to the seaside. The car radio only seems to be playing an endless discussion about media activism and “the society of spectacle.”

Born 1983 in Germany, Elena Friedrich studied Cultural Studies, Political Science and Spanish Literature in Berlin, as well as in Granada, Spain. She completed her Masters Degree in Fine Arts in the Film Department of the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg (2017) with film maker and professor for experimental film Robert Bramkamp.

Currently she lives and works at the artist residency Vorwerkstift in Hamburg, where she, collectively with the other artists in residence, is responsible for the programming and organisation of exhibitions and screenings in the house’s own gallery space. Additionally she is developing her next film in Thessaloniki (2018/2019) with the support of a research grant for post-graduates.

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