The Unseen Festival 2018: Volleyball Holiday. Friday, September 14, 7:30pm

T H E  U N S E E N  F E S T I V A L  2018

Volleyball Holiday

Join us on Friday, September 14, 7:30pm for night 14 of the Unseen Festival. We will screen work by Wago Kreider, Adrian Garcia Gomez, Gerard Freixes Ribera, Ricardo Vieira Lisboa, Guillaume Vallée, and Graeme Cole. Preceding the screening will be dance performances by Vivian Kim and Keith Hayne.

The Vanishing AmericanWago Kreider – USA – 2018 – 8 min. World Premiere!

A meditation on the desert landscape of the Navajo Nation reservation at Monument Valley, with a soundtrack that layers music and dialogue from feature films that were shot there. The title is a reference to the 1925 silent motion picture – filmed at this site – one of the first films to address the mistreatment of indigenous people by white settlers.

Wago Kreider is a media artist and educator whose work explores the influence of cinematic representation on our experience of landscape and the environment. His videos have screened at the Ann Arbor, Rotterdam, London, New York, Hong Kong, EMAF, and Viennale Film Festivals.

La MesaAdrian Garcia Gomez – USA – 2018 – 10 min

Masculinity and queer desire in rural Mexico. La Mesa explores the intersections of memory, identity and queer desire. It recreates fragmented and romanticized stories of a childhood in rural Mexico as told by the filmmaker’s father. These disjointed vignettes are interwoven with queered reenactments of scenes from popular culture. The filmmaker casts himself in the old Mexican films and American Westerns he grew up watching with his family in California. He appears as the romantic lead opposite the male actors, including Pedro Infante, Mexican national hero and the filmmaker’s childhood crush. The animations are laid over footage of the old family home in Mexico which now sits alone, slowly being consumed by the surrounding countryside. By centering queer desire in his family’s history, the filmmaker validates his childhood experiences while challenging popular representations of masculinity as well as traditional notions of power and vulnerability.

Adrian Garcia Gomez is an interdisciplinary artist working in film/video, photography and illustration. His artwork, which is largely autobiographical and often performative, explores the intersections of race, immigration, gender, spirituality and sexuality. His short experimental films, photographs and drawings have exhibited around the world. He currently lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Identity ParadeGerard Freixes Ribera – Spain – 2017 – 5 min

Drew has escaped and is stalking Melinda, but who is hiding behind the mask? Film made remixing and manipulating archival footage.

Born in Igualada (Spain) on 1979,  Gerard Freixes studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. His film works are usually made by digitally manipulating archive footage to create new stories.

Volleyball HolidayRicardo Vieira Lisboa – Portugal – 2016 – 8 min

The fragile nature of the celluloid film, or the dispositif as an end in itself.

Ricardo Vieira Lisboa, 26, works as a film critic for the website À pala de Walsh, which he co-founded and coordinates. He’s a short film programmer for IndieLisboa – International Film Festival. He has a masters in Dramaturgy and Directing at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema and a Degree in Mathematics. He is also a (video-) essayist and director.

Kinski Wanted to Direct but He Turned it DownGuillaume Vallée – Canada – 2017 – 6 min

Echo of Klaus Kinski’s broken dream, in the face of Werner Herzog’s multiple rejections to direct his script on the mad violinist Paganini. A psychedelic trance capturing the visions of a madman; traces of a film that could have existed.

Experimental filmmaker, video artist and independent curator, Guillaume Vallée graduated from Concordia University with a Major in Film Animation and MFA in Studio Arts – Film Production option. He’s interested in alternative forms of moving images in analogue forms as a way of considering the direct interaction between different mediums. His work is an exploration of materiality within the creative process. In attempts of creating a more complex relationship with his subject matter, Vallée makes use of cross-medium forms that range from camera-less techniques to optical effects, glitch, video feedback, resulting in expended & hybrid pieces. Vallée is questioning the notions of recycling & reappropriation, treating all material as found footage within a collaborative practice, in film, video & performance. His audiovisual performances  have been shown in various festivals in Quebec, Canada, USA and France. His experimental films and videos, distributed by Vidéographe and Winnipeg Film Group, have been screened internationally. His short film, Le bulbe tragique, won the ”Best Canadian Work” at WNDX (Festival of Moving Image) in 2016. He’s also the co-founder & programmer of Ibrida*Pluri Festival, along with Sonya Stefan & Samuel Bonony. He is completing a PhD in Études et Pratiques des Arts at UQAM, under the direction of Louis Jacob & Mario Côté. His Research-Creation thesis is about the notions of DIY apparatus, scene and the artist as bricoleur, around the practices of experimental cinema.

Amateri, or The Lost InnocentsGraeme Cole – United Kingdom – 2017 – 20 min

A desperate videophile of the future roams an abandoned city in search of off-line VHS footage with which to soothe her prosthetic eyes – whose license has expired, making them criminally allergic to internet. The video was made in collaboration with Kino Klub Split during Graeme Cole’s artistic residency in April-May 2016, and is a poetic interpretation and perversion of the Split club’s specific history and the culture of the Kino Klubs of the region of the former Yugoslavia in general.


In September 2013, Graham Cole became the first UK filmmaker to participate on the MFA program at Be?la Tarr’s film.factory. His first movie under Mr Tarr’s mentorship, Epizoda?, is currently on the festival circuit; two more, Murmurs and Panic & Disgust In The 2015th Year, are soon to follow. In 2016 Mr. Cole completed an artist residency at Kino Klub Split, supported by Arts Council England. In 2017, he was EMAN#EMARE artist in residence at Bandits-Mages, Bourges where, with additional support from Arts Council England, he gathered a team to (p)reconstruct yet another episode of UNIVERSAL EAR – an infinite, unfound time-travel adventure serial of the future.



Originally from Nebraska, Vivian Kim is a choreographer, teaching artist, and performer based in Boulder, CO.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska Lincoln under the direction of Susan Levine-Orada.  During her time at UNL, Vivian had the opportunity to work with, and perform for, Kayvon Pourazar, Kendra Portier (David Dorfman Dance), Jenna Reigel (Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company), STREB: POP Action Company, Ekida Laurie, Noelle Bohaty, and many others.  After graduating from UNL in 2014, Vivian performed and taught for MamLuft&Company Dance in Cincinnati, OH under the Artistic Direction of Jeanne Mam-Luft. While in Cincinnati, Vivian also had the opportunity to present a commissioned work for the Cincinnati Area Choreographer’s Festival.  Recently, Vivian received her Master of Fine Arts degree for Performance and Choreography in Dance with a secondary emphasis in The Alexander Technique from CU Boulder May of 2018. During her time at CU Boulder, she had the opportunity to teach as a Graduate Part-Time Instructor, lecture and study under Helanius J. Wilkins, Gesel Mason, Erika Randall, Larry Southall, and many others.  Currently, Vivian is teaching at Red Rocks Community College as an Adjunct Professor in Hip Hop. She is also a company member for world-renowned Hip-Hop choreographer and dancer, Rennie Harris, in his Denver-based dance company, Rennie Harris Grass Roots Project. Vivian’s performance research is based around her Korean-American identity and the balance between imposed Korean traditionalism and being raised in the U.S.  She’s interested in the U.S. influences on South Korean media, culture, and expectations of women.  In this research, Vivian’s curiosities lie within in the collision, or intersection, of these two cultures and how they influence her actions, behavior, character, and thought-process. Vivian’s very excited to be a part of the Unseen Festival this year and looks forward to sharing the space with other brilliant artists.

Keith Haynes, a Houston native, is in his final year as a MFA Dance candidate at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As an artist, Haynes uses contemporary dance and video projection elements to investigate and explore the connections between identity, race, and faith. Haynes’s research emerges from investigations about how identities collide and coincide within one body. His choreography addresses the implications of socially deemed norms in the lives of people of color. Haynes has worked with Heather Samuelson, Gesel Mason, and Helanius J. Wilkins. Recently, he performed at the Kennedy Center and the American College Dance Association Gala.

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