The Unseen Festival 2019: Moonless Night: Dedicated to Phil Solomon. Sunday, September 22, 7:30pm

Join us on Sunday, September 22, 7:30pm, at Counterpath (7935 East 14th Ave., Denver) for night 3 of the Unseen Festival 2019!


Isaac Linder is a Denver-based DJ originally from Washington, DC. Having completed their BA work on sound reproduction technology in the work of Samuel Beckett at Naropa University, they are a student in Media Philosophy at The European Graduate School, serve as intermittent editor at the journal of philosophy, biopolitics, and art, Continent. (at, and are always listening. Speaking to the acousmatic nature of the unseen, Isaac will be presenting a selection from “PEDAGOGICAL TRAX”, a recently completed collection of pata-philological translations of work by the contemporary French musique concreté composer Lionel Marchetti.


The Cindy Brandle Dance Company, officially formed in 2005, is under the Artistic Direction of Cindy Brandle. Influenced by human nature and events of the world unfolding around us, CBDC strives to create dances reflecting our times by engaging the audience with athletic, compassionate and vigorous choreography. CBDC’s goals are to create innovative and intimate work relevant to society and the world in which we inhabit, present dance at its highest quality and encourage our audience to experience modern dance with open and accepting eyes. Ms. Brandle and CBDC have been on a very specific trajectory and to this date have been following it successfully. Since 2004 Ms. Brandle and CBDC have created nine evening-length concerts to critical acclaim. It is the goal of the Artistic Director to continue to delve into evenings of work based on a singular theme and to take the audience through an emotional journey. Brandle was a grateful Artist-In-Residence at Hamlin Park through the Chicago Moving Company for 5 years. From April 1995 to August 2004 Brandle danced for CMC and served as Co-Artistic Director for the last five of those years. In 1999 and 2006 she received a fellowship for choreography from the Illinois Arts Council and has been awarded three CAAP grants from the City of Chicago. CBDC has also received funding from the Illinois Arts Council for their concert works, “In the Eye of Stillness”(2005) and “Searching for SuperGirl” (2009). Her work has been presented throughout Chicago, the Midwest, and Colorado and internationally in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Brazil. In November 2001 Brandle’s choreography was presented in the XXII INBA/UAM Choreographic Festival in Mexico City. Cindy Brandle is the Artistic Director of the Cindy Brandle Dance Company. CBDC incorporated in 2004, became a non-profit officially in 2005 in Chicago, and is now a Boulder, C0-based company. Cindy danced for ten years with the Chicago Moving Company and served as Co-Artistic Director with founder Nana Shineflug for five of those years. She has been awarded two scholarships from the Dance Center of Columbia College as both a performer and choreographer. In 1999 and 2006 Cindy received fellowships for choreography from the Illinois Arts Council. Her work has been presented at Dance Chicago, The Storefront Theatre, Harold Washington Library, The Dance Center of Columbia College, throughout Illinois, the Midwest and internationally in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Brazil. In November of 2001, Cindy’s dance “Duplicate” was presented in the XXII INBA/UAM Choreographic Festival in Mexico City. Her dances were produced in some of Chicago’s most exciting, experimental and exhilarating dance festivals, such as Chicago’s NEXT Dance Festival, Estrogen Fest, Spectrum Dance Festival and The Other Dance Festival. Since relocating to Boulder, Brandle’s work has been produced at the University of Colorado, Boulder department of Dance, The Denver Independent Choreographer’s Project and twice in the Boulder International Fringe Festival. Cindy lives with her beautiful family, Ashay, Akasha and Sami the Shih Tzu!

Meg Madorin is a performing artist, arts educator and choreographer. She was a member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company from 2012-2014, and has danced with Elena Demyanenko, Christopher Williams, Gerald Casel, Alexandra Beller, Tara O’Con, and Kendra Portier, among others. Meg has been artist-in-residence at the Dance Initiative in Carbondale, CO, and co-produces CLOSE LOOK; a performance series which curates solo artists for one evening within the close quarters of FloorSpace Studio in Boulder, CO. She is also a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, practicing both bodywork and verbal techniques for trauma therapy and holistic health, and is particularly passionate about working with new parents and babies. Prior to becoming an MFA Candidate in Dance at University of Colorado, Boulder, she received a BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Performance from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria.


LiningBritany Gunderson – USA – 2019 – 2 min

Undressing the body while simultaneously being covered up, routine is discovered through obsessive tendencies.

Britany Gunderson is pursuing a BFA in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her practice is often interdisciplinary, creating film and video work that uses material forms such as hand-cut paper, textile fabrics, and celluloid. Exploring ideas of personal non-fiction, her work expands the idea of what a moving image can be. She has screened at venues internationally and received Honorable Mention at the 2018 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival. 

Sir Bailey Matt Ripplinger – Canada – 2018 – 8 min

A portrait of the filmmaker’s old friend. The film’s surgical cutting and state of decay symbolizes Bailey’s suffering of bone cancer, consisting of home made photographic emulsion, contact printing, and reticulation. Sir Bailey embarks on an existential journey through the shattering photo-chemical plane during his last day of life.

Matthew Ripplinger is an emerging experimental filmmaker based in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. His interests focus on black and white 16mm and 8mm film, hand processing, contact printing, optical printing and home made emulsion. He is also a photographer and printmaker that he uses to explore experimental practices in surface based mediums and combining his love of film and print art.

Foreclosed Home MovieLisa Danker – USA – 2019 – 8 min

A memoir of losing a home in Miami, in 1930, becomes the sister tale to a foreclosure in 2013. Unable to accept the loss of her foreclosed home, the filmmaker’s mother recounts its rooms as she reminisces. Photographs and abstractly animated details of the house alternate with the 1930s memoir, echoing the cyclical qualities of both economic depressions and of trauma.

Lisa Danker is an experimental and documentary filmmaker, who primarily works with Super 8 and 16mm film. Her films explore the intersections of place, history, and identity and have screened in venues around the world. She is currently an assistant professor in film at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, where she teaches courses in experimental cinema, film theory, and film and video production.

La Vida de un SoldadoAdriana López Garibay – México – 2019 – 5 min

Palemón has worked in the Mexican army all his life.

Adriana López Garibay, graduated from the Master of “Cine Alternativo” 2018 in Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV), Cuba. Her first documentary short as director in “Blindness in the City” was part of the official selection of “Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos” 2016. “Muerte al Dogma” is a video dance directed by her and that has been shown in the 23rd Festival Internacional de danza en paisajes Urbanos and in the Department of Film & Media arts / The University of Utah by Szepreling curated collection. Her short film as director in “Metamorfosis” was part of Vanguard section of “Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano” 2018, Jean Genet’s Eternal Smile (6) – Designed Reminiscence Vol.2 and Pleasure Dome. Some of her short films have been screened at Festival Festival Internacional de la Imagen (FINI), Hazel Eye Film Festival, Enegrama Festival of experimental film and 3o Festival de Videopoesía UNGS.

1.987 / The Imaginary Line – Jairo Cadena Enríquez – Ecuador – 2019 – 22 min – USA PREMIERE!

Using found footage from everywhere; this fake documentary presents the story about “Abad”; he came back to Ecuador on 1984 bringing with him a video camera. Same year León Febres Cordero wins the presidency of the country and establishes State Terrorism. 

The story of “Abad” allows to question ourselves about the past of a nation and forgetfulness of a society. 

Jairo Cadena-Enríquez. Born Ecuador (1990). Documentary Filmmaker by Universidad del Cine of Buenos Aires – Argentina. Since 2015 he has participated on production of documentary short films in Argentina and Ecuador, where he is currently developing new audiovisual projects. In 2017 he founded LA CORDILLERA FILMS and produced his first feature as director and producer: “SOLDADITO”. His work has been part of some festivals around the world: Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, France, Colombia and Ecuador. 

Sandoval’s BulletJean-Jacques Martinod – Ecuador – 2019 – 17 min

Isidro meanders through the rainforest while he and his brother remember the times he found himself face to face with death itself. 

Jean-Jacques Martinod is a filmmaker and multimedia artist originally from the city of Guayaquil. His works oscillate between modalities of hybrid cinemas using methodologies that experiment with archival materials, celluloid film, analog tape, digital media, synesthetic operations, personal mythologies and travelogues, in bifurcations that stand out among the ramifications of the aforementioned. His work has been exhibited at the Cinemateca Nacional del Ecuador Ulises Estrella, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, and festivals that include FIDMarseille, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Images Festival, Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, European Media Arts Festival, Les Inattendus film festival (très) indépendants, ULTRACinema Festival de Cine Experimental y Found Footage, among others, as well as galleries and clandestine DIY screenings. He is also co-founder of EVIDENCE, a micro-publishing project that releases radical poetry, visual arts, photography, and also para-essayistic works within the world of avant-garde cinema. 

Hidden Memories Anna Beata Baranska – Poland – 2019 – 3 min

The film Hidden Memories is an attempt to take part in ongoing discoussion about pedophilia among priests. The problem is shown through symbols, signs and pessimistic tones, compels us to reflect.

Two worlds have been confronted here. First: sensitive, joyful and defenseless – the world of a child. Second: dark, disturbing, cold and alien, which is here represented by nature. But this landscape is also a synonym of harm and pain experienced by a pedophile victim.

An important element of the whole is the sky – heaven. Clouds are symbolically arranged in the image of Christ’s face during a few seconds and their dark color isn’t the one that heaven should have…

Anna Beata Baranska was born on November 28th in 1981 in Ilza (Poland). From 2001 to 2006 she studied Painting in the Faculty of Arts Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. She graduated under professor Jacek Wojciechowski and her diploma was awarded the Dean prize. Since 2006 she has worked in her mother school, firstly as a graduate student instructor in the Department of Traditional and Experimental Graphic Art, then since 2009 as a teaching assistant and since 2016 she is awarded a PHD in arts. Since November 2017 she works as a Associate Dean of Art and Research in the Faculty of Arts Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. She specializes in Painting and Video. In her works, she touches time passing issues as well as political, cultural and anthropological problems. She has been awarded over a dozen times. Since 2007 her works were screened or exhibited at about 90 international and 70 national festivals and exhibitions.

There Lived the ColliersNelson Macdonald – Canada – 2017 – 7 min

Hundreds of simple wooden homes built for workers drawn to Cape Breton Island’s once booming mining and steel industries still stand today. Weather-beaten and dilapidated, they emit traces of history and suggest the personality and resilience of their current and former inhabitants. 

Nelson MacDonald is an emerging filmmaker from Nova Scotia, Canada. He is best known for producing the 2016 feature film Werewolf by longtime collaborator Ashley McKenzie. Werewolf premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, screened at Berlinale in the celebrated Forum Section, and won top prize at Festival du nouveau cinema in Montreal. The 2017 short film There Lived the Colliers is Nelson’s first as director. It premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and has screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Festival du nouveau cinema in Montreal and Open City Documentary Festival in London.

Colaptes AuratesLaurids Andersen Sonne – USA – 2018 – 5 min – FILMMAKER IN PERSON!

Somewhere along the road between Exit 44, and BuenaVista, an instance was chiseled in time.

Laurids Andersen Sonne is a Danish interdisciplinary artist. Laurids’ work spans film, video, installation, sculpture, performance and socially engaged art. From 2004 to 2014, Laurids was a member of the four-person art collective Parfyme, focusing on participatory and social based processes; developing new platforms for community, interaction and exploration. Laurids sees art as a tool that can be used for many things: as a catalyst for personal reflection on being or ameliorations on our surroundings, a way to explore, entwine and unfold serious topics. Laurids holds a BA in Social Anthropology from Lund University, Sweden and an MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University.

Die NachtWenhua Shi – China/USA – 2019 – 3 min

Prelude  I: Die Nacht, based on Richard Strauss’s same titled lieder, responds to the actual duration of one day through time lapse. It’s a collaboration with Mezzo-Soprano Liz Bouk. 

Wenhua Shi pursues a poetic approach to moving image making, and investigates conceptual depth in film, video, interactive installations and sound sculptures. His work has been presented at museums, galleries, and film festivals, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, European Media Art Festival, Athens Film and Video Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Pacific Film Archive, West Bund 2013: a Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary art, Shanghai, Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism, and the Arsenale of Venice in Italy. He has received awards including the New York Foundation for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and Juror’s Awards from the Black Maria Film and Video Festival.

Brian Wilson Ektachrome Diaries – Brian Wilson – USA – 2020 – 15 min