The Unseen Festival, Program 10: The Films of Andrew Busti, Memories and Interludes, Saturday, September 30, 7:30pm

T H E  U N S E E N  F E S T I V A L

The Films of Andrew Busti

Join us on Saturday, September 30, 7:30pm for Program 10 of the Unseen Festival: Tunings: The Films of Andrew Busti. Presenting the first three films from the 26 PULSE WROUGHT (FILM FOR REWINDS), a series of 9 films investigating subjective languages, languages of subjectivity, and interpretive modes through coded polyphonic articulate signals. A cinema of illumination and reflection. Plus other filmic interludes and variations on signals, data, and perception.

The evening is kicked off by a reading curated by Julia Madsen, featuring Peter Giebel and CRIME.

Andrew Busti has been making handmade films in various forms since 1999. His work revolves around the idea of the subjective and the languages that evolve through experience and perception. He is the technical director for the Film Studies Program at University of Colorado in Boulder and teaches classes in Alternative Process and Alchemical Cinema. He works with artists, museums, and archives through the name Analogue Industries Ltd., facilitating new works, helping to preserve any work that may be of value, and always striving to support analog cinema in all its ongoing forms. He is a founding member of Process Reversal, a nonprofit artist-run analog film initiative that currently educates, informs, supports, and outfits artist-run film labs and communities around the globe. He currently obsesses about the reclaiming and refining of silver from the photographic process .999 percent of his time.






26 Pulse Wrought—(Film for Rewinds) Vol. I—Windows for Recursive Triangulation. 2014. 3 min.

26 Pulse Wrought—(Film for Rewinds) Vol. I—Windows for Recursive Triangulation. Explores travel to and from east to west during a Winter Solstice Pacific Ocean sunset.


26 Pulse Wrought—(Film for Rewinds) Vol. III—Parallel Beams or the Ineffable Inefficiency of Words. 2015. 3 min.

26 Pulse Wrought—(Film for Rewinds) Vol. III—Parallel Beams or the Ineffable Inefficiency of Words. Follow in the series of Deictic Signals and symmetrical Binaries. These words are meaningless.


26 Pulse Wrought—(Film for Rewinds) Vol. II—Exceptional Violents. 2017. 4 min.


Binary Stars. 2016. 6 mins.

Binary Stars. It started with a thought, a binary thinking strategy that plunged our world into a dark, cavernous place.



Readers and Reading Curator


Peter Giebel is a writer and educator living in Denver, CO.  His recent work has appeared in or is forthcoming from DiagramLana TurnerPreludeSonora Review, and elsewhere. His chapbook To Trace a Circle in the Interior of Which Would Come to Be Inscribed the Outside of Every Circlecan be found as part of the Poetry will be made by all! project.





CRIME is a multimedia poet and data manipulator. She hates cops gods and borders and loves you/does not trust you. They’ve published in Reality Beach, Alien Mouth, and MICRO//MACRO, and he can be found tweeting @metanyme.





Julia Madsen is a multimedia poet and educator. She received an MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University and is a doctoral student in English/Creative Writing at the University of Denver. Blue-collar born and raised, she is currently thinking about technology and the working class. She is the video editor at Reality Beach, and has shown video poetry at Outlet Fine Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and No Nation Art Gallery in Chicago, IL. You can read/view her work at