The Unseen Festival, September 18 to October 1, 2017

T H E  U N S E E N  F E S T I V A L

Working with new definitions of experimental film during two weeks of nightly screenings, OFF Cinema presents The Unseen Festival, exploring notions of the resistant, the excluded, and the unacknowledged. Film changes the world by filtering it through art: but it’s at its best when it refuses the documentary impulse of direct representation. The festival invokes a full spectrum of how filmic representation comes to be, from stark abstraction through documentary itself, silent film and sound art. A major aspect of the festival is its exploration of the interaction of film and writing, leading off each evening with a brief reading by writers whose work in many ways parallels on-screen experience. For two weeks, then, we enter the realm of the unseen, with nightly programs featuring an extraordinary range of experimental filmmakers, writers, and musicians. Filmmaker Amir George will be in residence at Counterpath throughout the festival, and many of the evenings will have featured filmmakers in attendance.

The festival is curated by Jacob Barreras and Libi Striegl. Click here for the list of participants.

Tickets are $7 for each evening, with full access passes $70. We hope you’ll also join us for a benefit screening on Monday, September 18.

Full schedule:

Benefit Screening, Monday, Sept. 18

With a reading featuring Stephen Graham Jones and Edwin Torres!
We hope you’ll help us raise crucial funds to support this year’s Unseen Festival and to build a strong foundation for next year’s fest by attending our benefit screening. We’ll have catered food and screen standout short films from the festival program, each of them Denver premieres. Tickets are $100 and include a full access pass to the festival (a $70 value). Tickets without the pass are just $30. Students are pay-what-you-can. We hope to see you there and any support is welcome!

Program 1, Thursday, Sept. 21

Opening Night
Music by DJ Musa Starseed
Filmmaker in person: Blair McClendon.

Preceded by a reading curated by Joan Dickinson, featuring Sarah Boyer and Clark Davis.
João Vieira Torres, Ghost Children
Carolina Charry Quintero, BLUA
Blair McClendon, America for Americans

Program 2, Friday, Sept. 22

Better Made Progress: The Films of Amir George
Filmmaker in person: Amir George.
Preceded by a reading curated by Ella Longpre, featuring Tameca Coleman.
El Quatro
Mae’s Journal
Just a Place
Shades of Shadows
Moments of Intention
Black Gold
The Encompassed Wisdom of the Inevitable Manifestation
Decadent Asylum

Program 3, Saturday, Sept. 23

of mermaids, mountains, and machines
This program focuses on emerging filmmakers whose works look at ritual, meditation, touch and feeling, hypnotic murmurations and finally euphoria. The program combines both 16mm film and HD video along with live performance to invoke hallucinatory feelings and kaleidoscopic visions; with films by Fern Silva, Dakota Nanton (artist in attendance), Christin Turner (artist in attendance), and an expanded cinema performance by Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie.
Filmmakers in person: Christin Turner and Dakota Nanton.
Preceded by a reading curated by Selah Saterstrom, featuring Steven Dunn, Mathias Svalina, and Serena Chopra.
Dakota Nanton, Oh, Ophelia
Fern Silva, Wayward Fronds
Fern Silva, The Watchmen
Christin Turner, What Happens to the Mountain
Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie, Dot Matrix

Program 4, Sunday, Sept. 24

Artists of The Unseen Festival in Conversation
Preceded by a reading curated by Sommer Browning, featuring Maureen Owen and Miriam Suzanne.
A conversational evening with artists, filmmakers and writers of The Unseen Festival. Join us for an evening of casual conversation and a community pot-luck supper.
With Amir George, Christin Turner, Dakota Nanton, Andrew Busti, Jacob Barreras, Libi Striegl, and others.

Program 5, Monday, Sept. 25

Preceded by a reading curated by Marcia Douglas, featuring Courtney Morgan, Awon Atuire, and Jovan Mays.
Shunsaku Hayashi, Railment
Thorsten Trimpop, Furusato

Program 6, Tuesday, Sept. 26

Mit Out Sound: Silent Films with Sonic Accompaniment
Preceded by a reading curated by Diana Khoi Nguyen, featuring Ramona Ausubel and Alexander Lumans.
Sound by D. Brigman.
Hans Richter, Ghosts Before Breakfast
Viking Eggeling, Symphonie Diagonale
Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler, Manhatta
Fernand Leger, Ballet Méchanique
Dimitri Kirsanoff, Menilmontant

Program 7, Wednesday, Sept. 27

Quietness: Contemplated / Loudness: Personified
Musical soundscapes with visual imagery.
Preceded by readings by creative writing students from Denver School of the Arts.
Visuals by Prayer Generator.
Musicians: Prayer Generator and Nick Angelo.

Program 8, Thursday, Sept. 28

Black Radical Imagination
Black Radical Imagination is a touring program of experimental short films emphasizing new stories from within the African diaspora. The series builds on afrofuturist, afrosurrealist, and magical realist aesthetics to interrogate identity in the context of cinema. Curated by Erin Cristovale and Amir George.
Filmmakers in person: Christopher Harris and curator Amir George.
Preceded by a reading curated by Steven Dunn, featuring Alexandra Jackson and Trent Hudley.
Suné Woods, A Feeling Like Chaos
Jamilah Sabur, Playing Possum
Christopher Harris, Halimuhfack
Suné Woods, Falling to get here
Christopher Harris, Reckless Eyeballing

Program 9, Friday, Sept. 29

Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?
Filmmaker Travis Wilkerson to do a Skype Q and A after the screening.
Preceded by a reading curated by Brandi Homan, featuring Laird Hunt and Dani Rado.
Travis Wilkerson, Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?

Program 10, Saturday, Sept. 30

Tunings: The Films of Andrew Busti
Short 16mm films accompanied by visual interludes.
Filmmaker in person: Andrew Busti.
Preceded by a reading curated by Julia Madsen, featuring Peter Giebel and CRIME.
26 Pulse Wrought—(Film for Rewinds) Vol. I—Windows for Recursive Triangulation
26 Pulse Wrought—(Film for Rewinds) Vol. III—Parallel Beams or the Ineffable Inefficiency of Words
26 Pulse Wrought—(Film for Rewinds) Vol. II—Exceptional Violents
Binary Stars

Program 11, Sunday, Oct. 1

Closing Night
Preceded by a reading curated by Tanaya Winder, featuring Hannabah Blue and Gregg Deal.
Sky Hopinka, Jáaji Approx.
Zack and Adam Khalil, INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place. / it flies.falls./]