Vincent Grenier (Screening), with Amy Letter (Presentation), Steven Dunn (Reading), November 30, 2014


On Sunday, November 30, at 7 p.m. Counterpath hosted a screening and Q&A by award-winning filmmaker Vincent Grenier, plus an exhibition by Amy Letter of her recent work at the Media Archaeology Lab at CU Boulder, and a reading by Steven Dunn.

The following pieces were shown at Counterpath:

Tabula Rasa, Mini DV 7.50 mins
Here, SD 7.00 mins
Burning Bush, HD 9 mins
Tableaux Vivants (First two),  HD silent 5 mins
North Southernly, SD 6 mins
Back View, HD 17 mins
Winter Collection, SD 4.5 mins
Waiting Room, HD, QT 9 mins
Watercolor, HD, 12.5 mins

Vincent Grenier is a native of Quebec City, Canada but has been living in the US since the early seventies. Grenier’s experimental films and videos have earned numerous awards and have shown in North America, Europe and China at major museums, showcases and festivals. Over the years his work was the object of retrospectives at various festivals and show cases.   One of his video, Tabula Rasa, was screened in the “Best Avant Garde Films & Videos of the Decade” program at the Lincoln Center and his last videos Watercolor earned grand prizes in Experimental works at  Black Maria and Athens, Ohio, Film Festivals.  He has received a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in 2010. He lives in Ithaca NY and teaches at nearby Binghamton University.

Amy Letter is a writer and artist whose work has appeared in journals, magazines, and gallery spaces. She is the Digital / Electronic / New Media Literature Editor at the Rumpus and assistant professor of Fiction and New Media at Drake University.

Steven Dunn was born and raised in West Virginia, and after 10 years in the Navy he attended University of Denver for Creative Writing. His novel Potted Meat was a finalist for the Subito Press 2014 Prose Contest. He is currently working on a book that explores and challenges military meta-narratives.