Reading of the 2018 Tax Bill, done before Christmas, 2017

You might not have time to read the entirety of the 2018 Tax Bill, but most of us can probably squeeze in one page. To that end, until the bill ends up on President Trump’s desk “before Christmas,” Counterpath is announcing an open call for videoed readings of single pages of the 1,097-page bill.

Please choose a page from the bill—PDF of the latest published version here—and post a video to the Counterpath Facebook page (here) of yourself or anyone else reading the page aloud. Just scroll down the Facebook page to be sure your page of the bill has not already been read, or write to with any questions.

Once we have readings of the entire bill, Counterpath will host a marathon screening of the readings in their entirety, and send a copy of the film to the White House. We hope any who wants to contribute will please hurry: we’re not sure how relevant this project will be after the bill is signed into law.