Counterpath hosts residencies throughout the year. These are typically between two weeks and one month and may include living at Counterpath or simply stopping in. Residents will often have a specific project they intend to work on through the course of the residency. And we’d encourage residents to plan a closing event for sometime near the end of the residency.

What Counterpath provides is a focused place to work on a project, a place to display results of that work (or other work), as well as more in-depth engagement with the Counterpath community. We also offer the Counterpath space to live and work in during the course of the residency.

Write to with a proposal. As much detail as you’d like to include is welcome, though as a little as one or two paragraphs of description of your project is preferred.

Previous residencies include:

Genevieve Waller and MG Bernard

Poupeh Missaghi and Mollie Hosmer-Dillard

Jason Lipeles

Ben Coleman

Blair Sagan

Jean-Jacques Martinod and Bretta C. Walker

Erik Smith