Talk and presentation: #StopCopCity, Wednesday, October 25, 2023, 6:30pm

Join us on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, at 6:30pm at Counterpath (7935 East 14th Ave. in Denver) for #StopCopCity. Free and open to the public.

For two years, a grassroots movement has delayed work on Cop City in Atlanta, a proposed training grounds to facilitate further militarization of police in the US. But now construction is set to begin. In response, Atlanta activists will be visiting over 70 cities around the continent in an expansive speaking tour, with the goal of preparing hundreds of affinity groups for action. The tour will provide updates from ground zero, share strategic intelligence on the pivot towards mass action and invite folks to travel to Atlanta in November to #BlockCopCity.

Each presentation will contain a portion on the history of the land the city is attempting to build Cop City on, a history of the movement to Stop Cop City, an outline of the movement’s next phase Block Cop City, and a short workshop to help interested participants form affinity groups and plan next steps. There will also be a Q+A portion. We expect these presentations and discussions to feed into regional training days organized in hubs across the country, which will give people tools for affinity group organizing and decision-making, tactical and safety training, and the confidence to participate in mass direct action.

Aside from bringing people to Atlanta, we hope to spread skills & creativity related to direct action and participatory, democratic mass organizing, strengthening the prospects for other, local struggles.