The Old Lens (for Jackson Mac Low)

The Old Lens (for Jackson Mac Low), by Brandon Downing, text by Jackson Mac Low


Early experimental street footage, aided by windshield, accompanies this collage of terms and clauses recorded by the great Jackson Mac Low (from the poems CATER LOAF and DESECRATED ANCHORITE LOFTY). Editing and remixing by Brandon Downing. Premiered at the January 15, 2011 installment of Poetry Time, featuring Ben Doller, Sandra Doller and Lisa Robertson.

Brandon Downing is a writer and visual artist originally from California. His books of poetry include The Shirt Weapon (Germ Monographs, 2002) and Dark Brandon (Faux Press, 2005); a monograph of his literary collages from 1996–2008, Lake Antiquity, was released by Fence Books in late 2009. A long poem, AT   ME, is just out from Octopus Books, while his next collection, Mellow Actions, will be published by Fence in 2012. In 2007 he released a feature-length collection of collaged digital shorts, Dark Brandon: Eternal Classics, with a 2nd volume forthcoming next year. You can see some at, along with his photographic and other work at



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