In a neural rush, Early Linoleum engages the propulsive flow of contemporaneous valences—psycho-geography meets in the force-field of biopolitical conditions. Poet activists congregate on the steps of the New York Public Library, there’s art beneath the dirt, rock outcroppings communicate with Jacques Derrida and the transactions that make war and love collide. In this textual sensorium, connections between climate ecology and political ecology are reckoned with somatically and lyrically, locally and globally. The thinking through charged spaces within and between human animal structures, especially during states of perpetual strife, as in global climate change and war—the dissonance, air, wind flow, coagulated ideas, affective registers—frequencies diffuse or mutate, streaming from urban sites to the rural and wild. This work is a revelatory and bold response for our times.

Brenda Iijima was born in the hilly town of North Adams, Massachusetts. She is the author of four full-length collections of poetry: Around Sea (O Books), Animate, Inanimate Aims (Litmus Press), revv. you’ll—ution (Displaced Press) and If Not Metamorphic (Ahsahta Press) as well as numerous chapbooks and artist’s books. She is also the editor of the eco language reader (Nightboat Books and PP@YYL). She is the editor of Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, located in Brooklyn, NY (http://yoyolabs.com/). The press will publish its 50th book this year.

Early Linoleum
Brenda Iijima