East Colfax Neighborhood Association Meeting, Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 6:30pm

Here is the agenda for this month’s East Colfax Neighborhood Association meeting. We hope to see you there! Counterpath Press located at 7935 East14th Avenue at Tamarac!

*Denver Police District 2 (Precinct 223)
Crime & Safety Update

*Grace López Ramírez with Denver’s Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships will be in attendance to introduce herself and the Agency

*Denver Auditor, Tim O’Brien, will introduce himself and speak about what his position does for the city, how that impacts homeowners and local businesses

*Makalah Emanuel with Groundwork Denver will give a wrap up of the Neighborhood canvasses completed and provide information on their organization and the great work they do in local communities.

*Brittany Zuber will discuss the 2018 Rolling Clean Up Plans as part of the Denver Sustainable Neighborhoods Program.

*Tom Fesing will discuss a proposed letter being sent to the Office of Economic Development for H.U.D. to save and/or repurpose the Saturday’s Signage located at 8315 East Colfax before demolition of the building takes place for redevelopment.
In accordance with 36 CFR Part 800 (Protection of Historic Properties).

*Tom Fesing as part of the East Area Plan steering committee wants to hear the community’s input on the following 3 vision elements of the plan and how the neighborhood should be represented.

Vision Element (Strong and Authentic Neighborhoods)

+Land Use
+Development Intensity
+Urban Design, Character, and Historic Preservation

Vision Element (Economically Diverse and Vibrant)

+Business vitality, mix and type
+Employment and education options
+Financial health of residents

Vision Element (Environmentally Resilient)

+Vegetation, trees and green infrastructure
+Clean energy, waste management
+Climate change resilience