east montclair

Starting June, 2016, Counterpath is organizing an ongoing project of video interviews with as many residents of Denver’s East Montclair/East Colfax neighborhood as possible (the neighborhood is defined as generally the area between 11th Avenue and Montview and Quebec and Yosemite). We will ask questions like “What are the pros and cons about the neighborhood?”, “Do you find it easy to live here?”, “What is your personal history with the neighborhood?”, and “What do you do for fun?” We’ll archive the videos on our website here.

If you or someone you know might be interested in being interviewed please write to tr@counterpathpress.org to arrange a time/place.

Interviews completed:

Cornelius Bankston

Cortevya Bankston

Cor’trell Bankston

Asian Fair

Amair Fair

Vanessa Frank

Sheri Miller



Paul Killschew


Isaiah Mednia


Lisa Tompson