T H E  U N S E E N  F E S T I V A L

Join us on Friday, September 22, 7:30pm for Program 2 of the Unseen Festival: Better Made Progress: The Films of Amir George. This will be a retrospective showcase of short films created by Amir George. George is a practicing alchemist working as a motion picture artist and film programmer. He creates work for the cinema, installation, and live performance. Born and bred in Chicago, his motion picture work and curated programs have been screened in festivals and galleries nationally and internationally. In addition to founding Cinema Culture, a grassroots film programming organization, George is the co-curator of Black Radical Imagination  a touring experimental short film series.

Better Made Progress is an overview of George’s filmography from 2011–2016. The 11 films presented examine his mental health patterns and processes of healing. Spiritual stories juxtaposing sound and image with a non linear perception. Fragmented vignettes that conjure the secret life of objects both found and collected that reside in a world within a world. Cinematic journeys of cathartic experiences.

Amir George will be in attendance at the screening. The evening kicks off with a reading curated by Ella Longpre, featuring Toluwanimi Obiwole.








TRW. 2011. 5 min

A moving painting.


El Quatro. 2012. 4 min

A solemnity visual for the number FOUR. How it evolved. Its different representations, and meanings.


Mae’s Journal. 2013. 13 min

A chronicle of the historic space mission of Mae Jemison in 1992. Through six fictional journal entries Mae’s journey is recreated through live action reenactments and actual footage of the STS-47 voyage.


Basilica Weeping. 2013.

A mourning of old beliefs. A dying off from old ways of thinking.


Vicissitude. 2014. 4 min

Based on an experience with Erin Christovale. A change of fortune occurs for a winged being. Music and vocals by Titus Wonsey.


Just a Place. 2015. 2 min

A glimpse into Hoodoe, land of the Hoodonians. A nomadic civilization exiled from one planet to the next based on their appearance. The Hoodonians live to protect themselves and their home. Just A Place is part of a three channel video installation entitled The Hood We Live In.


Shades of Shadows. 2015. 6 min

A collaboration with psychedelic soul band The O’Mys that delves into spiritual mysticism and ritual sacrifice. Created solely with archival footage, the characters in the film seek to manifest a better self.


Moments of Intention. 2016. 7 min

The voice in the mirror, a vibration migrating from winter. Spirit’s working in tandem as a force of creativity.



Black Gold. 2016. 2 min

An 8mm treasure hunt, a traditional song of black beauty.


The Encompassed Wisdom of the Inevitable Manifestation. 2016. 2 min

A spell cast by images guided by a voice in the night.


Decadent Asylum. 2017. 17 min

A folkloric narrative of a soul-searching told in three parts. The pupil becomes the practitioner, and the practitioner becomes the alchemist.


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